Once coming back of his vision, Mingfei alternatively made a decision to confess their thoughts since a thing away from for the past

Once coming back of his vision, Mingfei alternatively made a decision to confess their thoughts since a thing away from for the past

Once coming back of his vision, Mingfei alternatively made a decision to confess their thoughts since a thing away from for the past

Wenwen acknowledged you to she understood about any of it and you may apologized having disappointing your. The guy rather thanked their for making his unhappy high-school existence pleased and you can admitted he wouldn’t very pay for particularly a cafe or restaurant. Wenwen in turn recognized him to have expanding up.

Appointment Xia Mi [ ]

Once Zihang finished brand new goal on his own, it had into the a plane and you may travelled back to Chi town. He seemed his messages before turning off his mobile phone; around wasn’t a birthday celebration content out of Nono. It arrived at the fresh place to track down they deserted and you may secured during the bedding which have relationship strike signs to them. Zihang open to score an accommodation for of them in addition to their talk is actually soon overheard by the an effective girl towards station’s roof. She tripped that have an effective blanket and you will dropped, but Zihang managed to hook her. She put by herself given that Xia Mi, a freshman. Whenever she stated their own plans to generate a tent during the park as they waited on the strike to get rid of, Mingfei offered to register their, however, Zihang available to purchase her room too, a deal one to she refused, as an alternative choosing to remain in their room.

Xia Mi charmed Mingfei nearly instantaneously; attractive, charismatic and a cartoon cosplayer. She and additionally took soft drink of a host your experts forgot to show out-of. Following threesome spent a couple of hours together, Mingfei need one to amicable minutes in this way you are going to history permanently.

The dragon feast [ ]

The next early morning, the guy woke as much as look for themselves by yourself regarding the space. A note away from Xia Mi indicated that she remaining having Zihang, nevertheless they ordered Chinese break fast for your. The one delivering it was the one and only Mingze, which provided their sis yet another cheat password: Give me the cash. When Mingfei had outside of the building, Anjou arrived to select him with a deluxe automobile, day-taking and you may riding within higher performance. The guy passed Mingfei an incident that have one or two mil bucks and took him so you can a market. Anjou planned to see another alchemic object, however, his offer manage easily spark a bidding conflict https://gorgeousbrides.net/no/kiss-russian-beauty/. Alternatively, he disguised Mingfei while the an enthusiastic upstart that have awful taste, assured one to his need for the fresh new section create deter most other attendees out-of putting in a bid against your.

Immediately following into the, the newest machine requested his attendees to demonstrate their wonderful sight, discussing case becoming exclusive into the hybrid society, what Anjou described as a good Dragon feast. The item that the prominent desired was a familiar case to have Mingfei, one that contained Norton’s number of swords, the newest Eight Fatal Sins.

Mingfei entered the brand new attendees just who shouted joking offers such one to otherwise a couple of dollars, however, a mysterious woman along with her face safeguarded turned up to help you bring 200,000 dollars. Their unique quote leftover increasing, as much as Mingfei’s one or two million. The guy given twenty-million dollars, nevertheless financial advisers asked to see his bank account balance to verify, whether or not it presented only the a couple billion you to Anjou gave him, the woman accessible to re-unlock the brand new auction with a great fifty-mil render. Mingfei decided to have fun with Mingze’s cheating password, and therefore instantaneously transferred one to-hundred or so million to his account, winning this new auction. The latest woman congratulated him having a hug on the cheek.

Pursuing the feel concluded, Anjou made a decision to have a conversation that have Mingfei by front of your street, setting up regarding the lawn. He advised him the story out of their parents and exactly how the guy was given birth to. Mingfei had not known so it and was handled of the Anjou’s story. On the in the past the main asked to understand what their reason to live on try, the one thing which was larger than his or her own life, but Mingfei didn’t know very well what to respond to.

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